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PHP script: dbf Converter
current version: 0.9
last update - apr.2002

dbfConverter is a PHP script that reads data from dbase files (dbf, dbt, fpt) and convert
them into the mysql or postgres tables. Initially, it create sql tables & insert data, and then
updates old data. It does not support index files converting jet.

version 0.9: fixed simple bug for inserting field 'Units'
                    added support for conversions to PostgreSQL
version 0.8: added all possible field types for xBase table files and memo files. I tested
                    this script only with clipper dbf's and dbt's, but i think this script should
                    also work with other dbase databases (FoxPro/FoxBase).
version 0.7: added support for memo files (dbt). Simply just copy dbt files in directory.
                    Script reads it automaticaly.
version 0.6: script work without php dbase functions! (now we can run it without compiling
                    php with '--enable-dbase' option)
Configurable feautures: - select target database (MySQL, PostgreSQL)
- join 2 or more dbf files in one mysql table (dbf's must have same Fields)
- add primary key id field
- support more same named dbf files from different locations
- transform characters or words in data
- updating sql tables with new data from dbf files in 2 modes
- filtering data which we dont need in mysql tables

view config file
view source code
view sql class

download source (zip 8,2 Kb)
download source (tar.gz 10,1 Kb)

download 5 demo databases (zip 486 Kb)
download 5 demo databases (tar.gz 484 Kb)

[dbfConverterV0.8.tar.gz]   []
[dbfConverterV0.7.tar.gz]   []
[dbfConverterV0.6.tar.gz]   []
[dbfConverterV0.5.tar.gz]   []

tested on: linux, win & unix.