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PHP script: Easy Gallery
current version: 0.1
last update - mar.2004

Easy gallery is cool galery script. Just upload images to images directory and images are already in the gallery. Script read folders in $images_dir and create links to gallerys. Each one folder is separate gallery. Works with jpeg, png and gif format. Two things are important when installing this script:

1. php must be compiled with GD library (bundled is ok)
2. give php(apache) write access to images_dir/small directory. Here script stores small thumbs for preview mode.

Configuration options is in include.php file.

Configurable feautures: - define images folder
- number of preview thumbs per line
- define preview thumbs largeness

view include.php source code (here is some config options and functions)
view small_pic.php source code (this makes small images with gd functions)

download source (tar.gz 2,2 Kb)

OLD: /

tested on: linux